Jumpabull was my first woofing, 2 hours in the North of Wellington.

Jan & Graeme welcomed me in their home for 5 weeks. Lovely couple with 1 cat, 3 sheep and 8 horses. I met another girl from Tahiti, we were working together : feed the horses, ride them, paint some jumps pols and clean the house.sunset

During the weekend, we could go to a competition: A&P show, Endurance, Jumping. If you love riding good horses, this place is for you ! From the end of March to the begining of July there is the hunting season. I missed it but the picture I have seen were incredible.

I had the opportunity to ride Monty in an A&P show and to win a few rubans (I lost the final !). I also took Micky for an endurance 3 hours, 25 gates to open: good training ! But my favorite is Rico, the baby one. Green horse, full of energy, this little horse will have a great future ! I  ride him for his 1st jumping, he was amazing !

QuadGraeme brought us in an international jumping in Fiedling as a staff member. We were lucky to see some of the best New Zealand riders and to help in a middle of the riding area. We went to Taupo to set up some jumps and we stopped at Huka Falls, passed by the military camp and heard many anecdote told by Graeme.

I spent Christmas with their family: barbecue, salads, fruits, pavlova, a huge table full of food ! Unusual for an European to spend this time of the year in short/tshirt with  28°C !

Time is running, I had to go and explore what NZ has to offer.

I left Jan & Graeme on 29th of December, after a long goodbye.

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