Arden Street House B&B

arden stIf I had to describe this place in one word, it could be : unexpected! Cosy and pleasant B&B at 30 minutes walk from Dunedin City Center, managed by 2 wonderful persons.

The B&B is well-located : 20min from Baldwin street (the steepest street in the world), 40min walk from the top of Signal Hill (which offers an amazing lookout from the city and Otago Peninsula) and 5min from the Botanic Garden, where you could feed ducks for free 🙂

Joyce & Dave are full of energy and projects to improve the B&B ! I stayed 3 weeks with them and Tunnel BeachI don’t get bored for sure ! Joyce loves using skills people, which is an excellent thing. We were 2 woofers (a guy from Germany) and the last few days a Chinese girl joined us.

Enthusiastic and dynamic, they brought us to different places around Dunedin like Tunnel Beach or glow worm caves.

We had the chance to meet Joyce’s son, Louis. He came back from Sydney to participate at the event : Rialto Channel 48Hours movies In Dunedin.

  • All team picked up a subject [Other Dimension]
  • with a character [thoughtful]
  • with a quote they must say [Really!!]
  • with an object which must appear [Bread]

And then, we have 48h to write a scenario, to shoot and to make the movie.

So we [all the woofers] helped Louis’s team in all this tasks. Lots of fun, no a lot of sleep but a great experience !

I will post the video here once I will be allowed to.

Joyce is an amazing cooker, she travelled a lot in Asia [especially India] and she learnt many yummy recipes. Dave loves desserts and you could try the best Pavlova in New-Zealand made by him !

I just want to say if you are a woofer or if you are looking for a place to stay in Dunedin, go at Arden Street House B&B, they both care about you well-being and they really make you feel like home.

I could write a lot about this 3 weeks, but I had to leave…


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