Dave’s Pavlova

  • Ingredients:                                         Oven : 150°
    • 3 white eggsPavlova
    • 1 cup of sugar (250g)
    • 1 tablespoon of Cornfloor
    • 1 theaspoon of vinegar
    • 1 theaspoon of vanilla essence
    • Cream
    • All the fruits you want

Preheat the oven at 150°.

Stir the cornfloor, vinegar and vanilla essence (1).

Beat the white eggs for 5min, then add sugar slowly and keep beating (2).

Add the preparation (1) to (2) and keep beating.

 You should beat the preparation for 15 to 20minutes !

Low down the oven temperature to 125°

Put the preparation on the baking paper and place it in the oven for 1hour.

Then, turn off the oven but let the meringue inside for 6 to 8h.



Beat the cream with a bit of suger until getting a whipped cream.

Add the whipped cream on the top of the meringue and fruits.


Enjoy 😉

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