My favorite city in New-Zealand !

Hard to explain the feeling that I had when I first walked in the street. A few years ago, an Cathedralearthquake destroyed a large part of the city as shown in the picture of the Cathedral. Most of the area in the city center are just ruins. Hard to imagine that someone could like this place, many people told me to not going here, there is nothing to do, to see.

I had the opportunity to speak with a member from a council at that time. It was very interesting to have her opinion about what happened. I think it is very difficult to imagine the situation as long as you do not live it.

Re-Start MallShe explained how they want to rebuilt the city by asking the citizen about why they want for the “New Christchurch”. Everybody could bring ideas so they can have the city that they dream of.

When you are walking in the street, you could find a lot of street art, most of them were painted after the earthquake.

Christchurch has a huge Botanic Garden, very nice for running, next to it, there is a museum. I found a few books there with pictures of the city before the earthquake. The city seemed very busy and dynamic.

I fell in love of this place because something special is in the air here. People seem closer than before, everyone wants get Christchurch back so everyone does something for the city.

Sunset     Washing-Music Machine     Tramway

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